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3 Factors That Impact AC Efficiency in Marysville, CA

AC Efficiency in Marysville, CA

An inefficient air conditioning system is expensive because it consumes too much energy. To boost the efficiency of their AC systems, homeowners in Marysville, CA, need to be able to identify issues that make their systems inefficient and know how to address them. Here’s a look at three factors that impact AC efficiency in your home.

1. SEER2 Ratings

SEER2 stands for the updated Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The rating considers the cooling output that an air conditioner delivers in one cooling season in relation to the energy it consumes.

Modern air conditioners have ratings that range from 13 to 21. The higher the rating, the more efficient the system is, but the highest ratings are not necessarily right for use in your home.

2. A Dirty Outdoor Unit

After the refrigerant absorbs heat from the indoor air, it moves to the condenser coil, which is in the outdoor component. Here, the fluid releases the heat into the environment.

When dust and debris clog the condenser coil, they make it difficult for the refrigerant to dispose of heat. Consequently, your system struggles to satisfy your temperature needs.

Ask a technician to clean the component to address the issue. Also, uproot any weeds or flowers near the unit to promote smooth airflow.

3. A Clogged Air Filter

All air going into the air conditioner from your living space must first pass through an air filter. The component filters all the pollutants in the air to protect your household from the effects of poor indoor air quality.

If the filter remains unchanged for a long time, contaminants may clog it and block air from entering the system. As a result, your system struggles to cool your home to your liking because it doesn’t get enough air to cool. Replace your filter regularly to allow air from your living space to enter your AC freely.

Whenever your system’s efficiency drops, don’t ignore it. Call our air conditioning experts at Town and Country Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for an inspection.

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