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How to Prepare Your Home for an AC Installation in Yuba City, CA

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You may be looking forward to installing a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system in Yuba City, CA, anticipating more comfort and reliability. However, you may also be worried about what happens during the AC installation. Town & Country Heating & Air Conditioning will take all your worries away. We have provided AC installations since 1978. Here are a few tips that will make our job easier when we arrive with your new system.

Plan Ahead

We work closely with clients to ensure the new system will suit their indoor climate needs. We verify that components are properly matched and are compatible with existing components, such as ducts and thermostats. Compatibility ensures that the new system will meet rated efficiencies and performance expectations.

Our professional AC installation services include verifying that there is enough clearance for access and safety around furnaces. Experts generally recommend at least 30 inches between the sides of a furnace and walls. We check local requirements so that the installation will pass inspection and perform efficiently.

We coordinate the delivery date with you and verify delivery a few days before. On delivery day, clear a path through your home to the installation site. Indoors, move furniture, rugs or other items to avoid damage to your home or the new unit. Outdoors, remove yard waste, garden tools and toys. Make sure to clear and clean the installation area beforehand.

If you have pets, please keep them away from work areas.

During Installation

According to the Department of Energy, approximately half of all HVAC systems are not correctly installed. Improper installation reduces energy efficiency and affects performance, comfort and system longevity. Our crew installs equipment to industry standards. Our service technicians demonstrate competency in furnace and AC installations, HVAC repairs and handling of refrigerants.

During the installation, we verify that the components perform synergistically and individually. We balance the system, verify pressure and airflow, check the refrigerant charge and ensure the system powers up, reaches the set temperature and powers down correctly.

After installation, we will hand over the owner’s manual, explain the terms of the warranties and guarantees and show you how to operate your new system. We provide contact information and explain the recommended maintenance schedule. Most companies require proof of maintenance to keep warranties valid.

After Installation

You can count on us for continued service. Our many years in the industry show that we are here to stay. As a Trane Comfort Specialist and Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor, our technicians undergo in-depth training on new technologies, equipment and best practices. We are authorized to honor company warranties and guarantees.

For more information about HVAC system installations, call Town & Country Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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